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ello, I’m Angie Gross, a Certified Life & Weight Loss Coach, I also work full time for the military. I specialize in helping Service Members just like you who are overweight, tired, and exhausted pass Height, Weight, & PT with ease. The reason why I do this work is because I know that this one thing can make a huge difference in having more energy and losing those extra pounds, whether it’s 20lbs or 100lbs. I have personally used life coaching tools to lose 65 lbs myself TWICE, improve my military career, and best of all I have kept the weight off.

When I was overweight, I felt stuck and accepted my weight for what it was. I was tired of busting my butt with extreme exercise and not seeing results. The most overwhelming and hardest thing was to follow a very strict diet. I have done many diets, but I couldn’t stick to them. It was very hard for me to eat the way I was “supposed” to. That was not the normal way my family would eat. I didn’t want to have to cook multiple meals for my family, and then have to see what it was that I really wanted to eat. I would then have something I didn’t want, sitting in front of me and that would make me feel bad.  I wanted what everyone else was eating.  I would get close to my normal weight and just gain weight again. I thought after having my son, “I am a mom now, there are just too many factors that prevent me from going back to my normal weight.” I hated the way I looked when I looked into the mirror. I felt ashamed of what I had done to myself.

I was at the point, I no longer felt that I could help my family, take care of my child, and perform well at work, let alone pass a PT test. I couldn’t do anything. It was frustrating. I was very tired and exhausted every day.  I would come home from sitting all day at work, exhausted from the day, and being up all night with a restless sleeper. As soon as 8pm hit, I just wanted to go to bed. I just wanted to sleep. I hated the direction my health was taking, my body, and even the effect it had on my family and military career.

Then one day I discovered Life & Weight Loss Coaching! This was it. This was the missing link. I started working with a Life Coach and took responsibility for all of my results. That changed everything.  I started to feel good about myself. I started to like the way I looked and felt proud of myself. When the weight started to come off, I got my “Power Back!”  I started to have more energy so I can spend time more with my husband and son, feel empowered by knowing I did this, joyful because I was truly living my dream, renewed because it was a whole new me, and courageous because I knew I could keep the weight off and pass Height, Weight, & PT with ease.

It’s not motivation, your diet or your exercise routine… It’s Your Mind! Focusing on your mind & how to think differently will shape your body in a different way. It’s not you or your diet. It’s your MINDSET! The work that I do is all about creating a difference in your mindset so you can love yourself, so all that love can be projected into your other relationships, body, and energy.

I do this by offering a program that creates the following results. You will…

  • Love your body instead of fighting with it and feeling ashamed of yourself.
  • Have the energy so you can quit being tired and exhausted every day.
  • Be able to quit following strict diets that you can’t stick to.
  • See that, It’s Not You! It’s Your Mindset.

I can help you move towards these results in an effortless way, I work with clients one on one  for 6 to 12 months through this program. Group support is also available so you can feel supported in your journey.

I love working with powerful Military Service Members like YOU who go from having no energy, feeling ashamed of themselves, and being overweight to pass Height, Weight, & PT with ease so you can have a successful military career.

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I can show you:

How you can have more energy so you can pass PT.
Feel empowered, joyful, renewed, and courageous.
Improve your relationships and career.
& Best of all learn the skills to change your behavior which will help you lose those extra pounds, whether it’s 20 or 100lbs!

It’s Not You, It’s Your Mindset!

What if I told you it wasn’t YOU, what if I said it wasn’t your diet, and what if I said it wasn’t even your level of commitment to exercise, but it is your Mindset! Are you ready?

Sign up to get a FREE discovery session, and learn how to pass Height, Weight, & PT with ease!


Stop Wishing You Could Pass Height, Weight, & PT with ease And Start Making It A Reality!


as your weight turned into an extra 20 or 100lbs? Do you find it tough to make it to the gym, because you have lost all your energy? Have you tried multiple diets/programs and you find it hard to stick to a strict diet?

Do these thoughts run around in your mind?
“When I look in the mirror, I can’t believe what I’ve done to myself.”
“I hate being exhausted ALL the time.”
“I’m tired of restrictive diets.”
“I just can’t get motivated to go to the gym.”

How this works is we will have a 60 minute phone call that will help you:

  • Power up your confidence: because passing Weight & PT CAN be easy
  • Power up your dreams: and make them a reality
  • Power up your days: feel renewed because it will be a whole new you
  • Power up your courage: because you can do anything, including keeping the weight off
  • Power up your energy: because it makes EVERYTHING you do easier

Once you jump on the call and you can apply the information, what you will notice is you will feel more empowered, happy, renewed, and courageous. Your awareness around food will increase. You will reduce the number of calories that you consume which means less overeating and ultimately less weight on your body.

If you’re ready to be done with being overweight, having no energy, and tired of feeling shame and guilt around passing Height, Weight, & PT, schedule a complimentary, no-strings-attached call with me.

Sometimes I hear…I don’t have enough time and I don’t have enough money for a 6-12 month coaching program. This says that you are not 100% all in, and I only want those who are done trying diet after diet and are ready to Start Passing Height, Weight, & PT With Ease. So if you ARE 100% all in, schedule a discovery session with me and get started on your journey to losing those extra pounds and keeping it off for good.

Here is what everyone is saying about Angie Gross Coaching. I want you to be the next success story! Let’s do this together, and Try This Again.


  • I've always struggled with weight and self-confidence. Working with Angie has given me confidence that I can do what I put my mind to!! She is always pushing me to do better and try different things like running. She has never given up on me and for that I'm blessed to have her as a coach/friends!! Thank you, Angie!

  • I am physically challenged with Multiple Sclerosis. She was super sensitive to my needs and I saw improvements week to week. On top of all that, she had an attitude single to none. It was upbeat and positive and that alone helped me immensely, since I have a tendency to think too much about what could happen to me in the long run.

  • Angie is such an awesome coach! I really enjoy working with her. She has helped me work through many situations and how to think more positively in my daily living! I would definitely recommend anyone and everyone to Angie for coaching!!

  • Angie has been great to work with and very easy to talk to. She has a unique way of helping you see things from a new perspective while giving you tools to make positive changes in your life. I would highly recommend Angie’s coaching services.

  • Thank you for the 42 Day Jumpstart Program. Since age 12 I've had mindset issues about food. This meant constant beatings of myself. This weekend was the first weekend in a long time I didn't binge and my mind wasn't constantly firing lies about food and my body. I honestly felt free from my own mind for once. I do see a therapist and that has never worked for me because I knew there were deeper issues but I couldn't ever pinpoint exactly the root until now.

  • I am a single mom who is also active duty military. Eventually I got to the point where I was 70 pounds overweight and seriously at risk of not being able to stay in the military because of my weight. Luckily it was around the time that I discovered Angie’s podcast and the Weight Loss Academy. I’ve lost 37 pounds in six months and I have had no trouble keeping it off or slipping back into old habits.  I would recommend the Weight Loss Academy to anyone who has struggled in the past with losing weight and keeping it off.”

  • I highly recommend you sign up for coaching with Angie. She knows how to ask probing questions that gets to the heart of your weight issues. She has been there and understands the struggle. She isn't giving you blind recommendations, you can tell she has done the work herself. Sometimes the right question or better thought can be a game changer and Angie helps you with both.


Sign up to get a FREE discovery session, and learn how to pass Height, Weight, & PT with ease!

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