BLOG – Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone


How have you all been???

I figured it was about time to record you all another podcast.

AND Today I want to talk about getting out of our comfort zone.

Trying something new.

Getting out of our sweat pants and doing something new.

Trying something new when it comes to losing weight, or meeting any other types of goals.

But I don’t mean physically….I don’t mean get up take those sweat pants off and put those workout clothes on and get to it.

And I don’t mean start eating different so you can lose weight either.

What I mean is…

Just Be willing to try something different.

How many of us like familiarity?

We like to stay in our comfort zone.

We like to stay in those sweat pants.

We aren’t really a fan of doing something new.

We like things that we have done in the past.

This is what our brains tell us on repeat on the regular.

Our brain is efficient and does not like to expend effort.

So, if it has already done something. It likes to keep doing that thing over and over because it is efficient, EVEN if that thing really doesn’t work or serve us.

And let’s think about it for a minute.

Are you comfortable right now? Not physically perse, but more mentally.

When was the last time you did something different?

When was the last time you felt uncomfortable?

Maybe tried a new workout?

Maybe woke up early for a workout?

Maybe tried a new food?

OR EVEN…..just questioned your level of comfort right now?

My guess is most of you will say NEVER.

Myself Included until I started doing this type work. This type of work being coaching.

It’s something different something you may never have tried before. But it is very effective and can create permanent results if you give it a try.

So be willing to try something new.

We get stuck in this concept that you have to diet and exercise to the extreme to get the results we want.

But if you are listening to this podcast you aren’t really a fan of that.

You don’t like dieting and you don’t like waking up early to go work out.

I get it!

I don’t either!!!

So, let me speak a little on coaching if you don’t quite understand what I do.

Coaching is raising awareness to the thoughts in your brain and questioning their integrity.

Its taking a look at what you believe and questioning those beliefs.

Is what you are thinking & believing really true?

Is it the only answer? Is that REALLY how things are?

I help you navigate all that mind chatter. I help you sort it out.

Think of it like walking into a messy room.

I help you organize and clean up so that when you walk into that room you walk in and feel calmer and more peaceful vs overwhelmed, dread, & anxiety.

So, for example if you have thoughts that losing weight is hard. We question it we raise awareness to it. We don’t just accept that thought as a fact.

What if weight loss could be easy?

What if we didn’t have to starve ourselves or bust our butt in the gym?

What if that was possible for us??

When we think about the possibility, we bring some ease to the situation.

We generate a little motivation.

We get a little excited.

And when we are feeling good, we take the steps that feel good to us to help us lose weight.

Imagine weight loss without the stress?

Imagine weight loss without all the negative strings attached.

The I have too’s or the I need too’s.

I hear people all too often say, “I have to lose weight.” But they say it with dread in their voice. I know they are doing it from a place of misery.

I don’t want my clients to be miserable. I don’t like being miserable, why would I teach anyone else to have to do that same thing.

So be willing to try something new.

Something different.

Get out of your sweat pants and give coaching a try.

You might just blow your own mind.

And better yet, reach that goal weight!


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