BLOG – Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Hello fellow Service Members!

How are you all doing tonight??

I have a great topic for you all to really get those brains turning!

This week I made a post on Facebook.

I have been working more on being myself lately and working more on not caring what other people think.

So I made a post a Facebook this week about a controversial topic.

But ONE particular person had something to say.

There is always one right.

The posted ended with like 35 comments. 80% of them being a conversation between me and 1 other person.

And the conversation was around following what other people say.

And here was the analogy that I gave.

Most people think that Kale is healthy.

Almost 99% of the world would agree.

People could argue it.

There is science behind it.

It grows naturally.

But I am the 1% that DOES NOT agree.

And I don’t really care what anyone else thinks about that.

Kale makes me sick.

It gives me brain fog for at least 24 hours.

I feel like a idiot.

I can’t think.

It makes me tired.

I literally feel like I am hung over.

So for me, Kale is NOT healthy.

Knowing my story you could now probably agree with me.

Ok maybe Kale is healthy for some and not for others.

Another example for you.

I was reading back on old podcasts from before my Military Service Members when I was just helping moms.

And I found an episode I did on a similar topic.

My husband was gone, I didn’t feel like cooking, so me and Sebastian who was 3 at the time ate grapes, apples, cheese, nuts, avocados, and carrots for supper.

And can you believe someone told me I can’t eat that as a supper.

That It wasn’t a meal!

Well listen up here my friends.

I get to decide what a meal is for me.

YES, ME. And only me.

I get to decide if Kale is healthy or not.

ME again and only me.

I was eating Fuel food. I ate because I was hungry and I stopped when I was full.

And that is all that mattered.

People want to voice their opinions and tell you how things should be.



What you eat, how long you work out, what type of a workout you do, and even what you eat on your protocol.


Just because someone says something is good or bad, does not make it so.

It doesn’t make it right or wrong.

Figure it out for yourself.

Do your research.

See how something affects you.

Try it out and test it.


Don’t let Society dictate what you truly believe is best for you.

Also, If you have any comments I would love to hear them, and as always if you have any questions or if you have any topics you would like me to talk about reach out by email and let me know! Feel free to email me at [email protected]

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I hope you all enjoyed this blog and I will talk to you all soon!